How To Submit

Please send your ideas to

Include a description/artist statement and a picture of the work you would like to include. Think about the ease of reproducibility, and the cost of the object.

Consider what theme your work might be about and if you have other artist associates who might make complimentary work.

Feel free to apply in pairs or groups.

I will respond with my thoughts and we will develop the idea together.

I will require samples of the work before final approval for inclusion in the machine.

Important considerations and fiddly details:

  • The machines take 2″ capsules, so work must be 2 inches in all dimensions max. Other sizes (like 1″ or 3″) would require purchasing hardware and capsules but that’s not hard to do.

Capsule are in 7 colours. Red, orange, yellow, pink, aqua, dk blue and purple.

  • It takes 180 of the 2″ capsules to fill the machine (capsules have already been purchased and are multi-coloured).
  • The machines currently can be fitted to sell items for $3, $2, $1 or .25c. Other amounts would require purchasing hardware, but that’s not hard to do either.
  • I reserve the right to set the price of the item based on the materials and quality of the work, or to reject poor quality work altogether.
  • Each artist chosen will pay 10% of sales back into the project to cover the cost of capsules and promotions, which will be provided, plus you will cover any extra costs associated with your proposal (eg: the cost of paying to install it if the host you prefer wants rent, helicopter transportation if you really want to install it on the top of a mountain…). Money from sales (minus the 10%) would go to the artist- so for 180 items selling at $3, you would bring in $540, and would keep $486, for $2 items, you keep $324, etc.
  • If you want to use the machines in an installation without vending, maybe we could negotiate a small rental cost- especially small if it’s a super duper idea that raises the profile of the project, or if it has a component of public education that is vitally important, or if it’s just beautiful and has to happen for the good of humanity.

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