Tonight, Nuit Blanche 2014, Edward Day Gallery

Back for the 4th year, The Northern Beaver Galleries will be on Queen West starting at sundown. We have a new collection, a set of artist editions on the theme of “The Very Local”. Each artist reflected on something close to their home, something that through the process of observation, of taking note of subtle detail in our own place we play the role that art exemplifies in asking the viewer to look again, to be more sensitive, more aware of our surroundings.

Doris Purchase photographed a robin’s nest from her own front porch with a single unhatched egg. She had a real Canadian stamp made. Could you make the bird fly by sending a letter with the stamp?

Adriana Monti celebrates the local group Bike Pirates (Bloor and Lansdowne) with her key chains made from used bike chains, adorned with an oil painting of their logo.

Amy Wong treats us to a folded paper sculpture that is screenprinted with the “Society of Teeth of Scarborough”, folded like a Chinese rice snack the way only a local woman makes.

Kiana Browne observes the weird and wonderful in her Bloor and Ossington nabe, using her unique pen cartoon work to delight on a set of hand-drawn buttons.

Jim Houston brings back last year’s popular paper sculptures of Toronto landmarks after 80 years living in, documenting and loving the landscape and people of Toronto.

Ashley Culver‘s sensitive work with food and nature brings us a sun catcher made of clover flowers gathered from a lot on York campus as she walks to buy groceries, a balm to ease the commercial gathering of food at No Frills.

Rebecca Houston gives us a Souvenir of Little Portugal, observing the smell of St. Clarens Ave where sardines are the family food of any Sunday afternoon. Also, she has made buttons from the St. Clarens Alley itself, abstract fragments of garage paint and plant matter. Wear the city on your lapel.

Oil Painting by Adriana Monti

Also Available: prints by Rebecca Houston, paintings by Adriana Monti and some fun light up pieces, all for $2!



About artvendu

I am an emerging artist interested in shared projects. I work in sculpture and drawing. I am currently finishing my BFA at York University.
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