More Nuit Blanche Beauties.

These oil paintings from Adriana Monti will be available for just $2? What!


About artvendu

I am an emerging artist interested in shared projects. I work in sculpture and drawing. I am currently finishing my BFA at York University.
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2 Responses to More Nuit Blanche Beauties.

  1. Ann Mayer says:

    It was great to stumble upon your project at Nuit Blanche! I wrote about it on my blog because some folks asked for more details:

  2. artvendu says:

    Wonderful!! I can only hope more folks will respond as you did. I hope you will come to the next show at the Nut House on Bloor at Emerson. Look for the amazing walnut sculpture as a sign. Holly Wheatcroft will have her work in there by Thursday this week, until November 4th. Thanks so much, I’ll tell everyone to read your blog!

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