Hello world!

Welcome to Artvendu the new site for info about the mini “Galleries” I am starting inside two Northern Beaver vending machines. I am seeking artists to make and sell small work, 2″ or less,  at a low price.


Imagine art here.

Here is the original call I put out last month:

Northern Beaver Gallery
Following a tradition of selling small works in vending machines, a new mini “Gallery in a Box” is on the Toronto art scene. Inspired by the iconic Canadian imagery of the Beaver on vending machines in grocery stores, emerging Toronto artist Rebecca Houston (that’s me) has acquired two “Northern Beaver” vending machines to use for art projects. Local shops are already excited to host the installation! During the month of May, I am looking for expressions of interest from local artists for ways of using the vending machines. This is like a brainstorming opportunity to help get a feel for what kind of uses there might be for the machines. I have lots of work underway myself, but I can’t make enough stuff alone. I am hoping that it makes for a fun and profitable opportunity for other artists as well, and that I might find some collaborators along the way.

Send a description of what you might want to make with a brief artist statement outlining why your idea is so perfect for these vending machines to rhoustonart@hotmail.com.
Would you create an installation, using it like a display case or shadow box? Would you make small work to sell- little books, tiny sculptures, toys, stickers, buttons, a memory stick with digital art? Could it have a component of exchange where the public can leave small items to go back into the machine? Where would you propose placing the machines- a grocery store, a street corner, a gallery? Besides the great idea of selling local, Canadian-made art in a Canadian-made machine, is there any other connection to Canadiana, beavers (wink, wink!), wilderness or diverse Canadian identity in the theme of your work? If you just have a wisp of an idea, let’s talk and maybe we can collaborate on fleshing it out.

Most likely, the work will be curated in collections or series- eg: for one month, three artists with complimentary work could fill one machine by making 180 pieces each (enough to fill it 3 times). The other machine would have an installation in it, or a larger body of work by one artist. Then the next month a new group of artists would be featured. (like having a group or a solo show)

Thanks to the Creative Arts Student Association (CASA) of York University, and the Winter’s College Student Artist grants for financial support in purchasing the machines.


About artvendu

I am an emerging artist interested in shared projects. I work in sculpture and drawing. I am currently finishing my BFA at York University.
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